About us.

Professional athletes do not cut corners when training for their sports or when maintaining their health. At Superior Genetics, we don’t cut corners either. We founded our company in 2017 to provide supplements to professional athletes, trainers, and individuals searching for healthy, superior quality products that they can trust.

When we say we don’t cut corners when designing our products, we mean it. We only produce high-quality, natural supplements that help athletes maintain their health and athletic performance. We refuse to use cheap, synthetic, or unhealthy ingredients in our products. We guarantee our products will never contain fillers or artificial ingredients.

We can guarantee the sourcing, the purity, the quality and the potency of every ingredient that goes into our products because we are partnered with a certified facility that meets or exceeds all safety and regulatory approvals in North America. In addition, all of our products are reviewed and approved by the Canadian government for their safety and for their specified usage.

Thorough product design and testing is part of our company’s values. Our flagship product, the Whey Protein Isolate Supplement, was designed over the course of two years and was pre-market tested for taste and customer satisfaction. Professional athletes, such as Kyries Hebert (“The Angry Bird”) and Paula Manzano took part in our pre-market testing. Their product testimonials can be found here.
When you train with Superior Genetics, you only get superior products that maintain your health and athletic performance.