2013 was the year I got my first introduction with a fixed gear bike that I strictly used for commuting purposes. After I started competing in local fixed gear events. I got instantly fascinated. Little by little I started taking it more serious. My experience as a cyclist in general increased. My commitment and training were focused in getting stronger and learning the right cycling techniques, and so the proper ways to keep a strong healthy body.


Through my cycling experience I learned the importance of this: A muscle that works properly is a muscle that will require to be properly fed. In order to assure its best performance all the time it needs the right combination of elements that will keep you going and contribute to a successful recovery. As a cyclist Superior Genetic Protein has helped me substantially sustain and improve the necessary muscle I require to push more watts and enhance my endurance overall. After trying different sorts of products in the market, my needs are finally fulfilled with Superior Genetic Protein.